Bespoke Celebration Cakes & Treats


How much notice do you need to make a cake?

This is possibly the most asked question! So unlike buying something that is already in stock and there is just a wait time to receive it, with cakes everything is made fresh in the couple of days before a cake is booked in. I could have loads of space one week, but then be completely full the week after sometimes weeks in advance.

The best way to say it is, order as soon as possible before the date gets booked up, whether there’s availability on a date depends on what is already booked in.

How much are your cakes?

Cakes vary so much in size and design, it could be anything from a tiny little cupcake to a pretty intricate 5 tier wedding cake, could include anything from tv characters, gardening, rainbows, footballs to name but a few! So it’s impossible to have a one size fits all price list! 

I’ve now set a ‘basic’ price list in which prices are worked out by size based on a simple plain iced cake. I will then work out how long the design on the cake would take me to make, and this cost will then be added onto the price on the list. All prices are discussed at the enquiry stage, the price is always confirmed before booking, it won’t change after booking unless the cake design is changed by the customer.

How big is the cake?

So the cake sizes on the price list are based on the diameter (the widest point from edge to edge on the flat surface on the top of the cake) All round cakes are made four sponge layers as standard with three filling layers in between. The portions sizes recommended are based on large portion slices, if for a kids party I’d recommend the cake size smaller to the one you think you’d need.  All round cakes are roughly between 5-6 inches in height.

How long do the cakes last and how to store them?

The cakes I make are baked as fresh as possible to give you the longest possible shelf life once it’s in your hands. I usually recommend to eat the cake within 4-5 days. Before cutting the cake I recommend it’s stored in a cool, dry place, it can be covered loosely with cling film or box lid. For fondant cakes, do not store in the fridge! This can cause the fondant icing to ‘sweat’ and go tacky. Once the cake is cut, store in an airtight container to hold the freshness for longer. For buttercream covered cakes storage in the fridge is fine.

Can you send me a picture of the cake?

Surprisingly I think the earliest I’ve had this question is about a week before the cake was due to get picked up! At that point the cake in question is no more than the bare ingredients possibly even still in the shop. As I’ve always said, all the cakes I make are made as fresh as possible, this means usually starting by baking the cake approx 48 hours before pick up working towards decorating the cake in the hours before arranged pick up. I’m also never keen on sending pictures before you see the cake in person, pictures NEVER do a cake justice, you can zoom in on any imperfection that may not even be at all noticeable in person. I much prefer you to just wait until collection to see the cake. If you find you really are impatient though, a photo of the cake can be requested but only sent 1-2 hours before collection.




When booking a cake we go through all the details together discussing  size, flavour etc. I can then either come up with a design, or an inspiration picture may be used. If requesting a design baked elsewhere, this is fine, I can replicate something similar, however it’s worth noting that all bakers have different styles, tools, techniques etc so I never say it will be an exact replica to the inspiration photo. 

A cake booking will only go into the diary once a deposit is received, if you’ve enquired for a date and someone else pays a deposit for the same date before you do, it means they will get priority for slot.

If there are any allergies, please let me know at time of booking or no later than two weeks before the collection date so we can discuss options.


To book a cake a deposit is needed, usually between £15-£20 for celebration cakes depending on the size. The remaining balance can then be paid before or on collection. The deposit paid at time of booking is non refundable with the very unlikely exception of myself needing to cancel the cake. It MUST be paid before you take the cake away. (I’ve always been pretty flexible with this in the past, however there have been a few occasions where I’ve needed to chase the balance days later) so the cake will not be able to leave without full payment.


Usually the start of the week your cake is booked in for, I’ll get in touch to organise a collection time with you. This will usually be an hour window in which you can come to collect the cake. Please try to stick to this agreed time, I usually plans things around this so may be out just before or planning to leave just after, if you’re running late it may not always be possible for me to stay in longer.

Should you require delivery this is fine and can be organised for a suitable time for yourself at an extra cost quoted at time of booking.


If you’ve ordered a single tier, this is best placed in a footwell, boot or flat surface. Car seats tend to have a bit of a tilt and may cause damage to the cake of tilted for an extended period. If you’ve ordered a two tier cake it’s recommended if possible that you bring along a passenger to hold the cake whilst travelling, if this isn’t possible a flat surface is a must and some very careful driving!

Once the cake is in your car it is entirely your responsibility for how it is stored and transported. Any damage to the cake once it has left my possession is completely out of my hands. Should any damage happen to the cake that you’d like me to repair, I’m more than happy to, but the cake must be returned to myself and there would be an extra charge for repairs.

Changing the date

I’m usually pretty flexible to change dates where need be, understandably things happen and need to change. If you need to change the date of collection of the cake that’s not a problem, it does depend on what may already be booked in for that date though and I do ask that a date isn’t changed any later than 7 days before the arranged collection date.

Cake collection will be on the date specified that you’d like to order it for, so for example if you’ve ordered a cake for the6th, the collection will be on the 6th not the date before. Please don’t request to turn up a day earlier or a few hours earlier within 7 days as I make cakes fresh to be ready just before the specified collection time.


Should you for whatever reason not be happy with your cake (thankfully very rare!) and would like anything changing, this must be stated at collection, once you’ve left with the cake, this isn’t possible. If you’re so unhappy that you’d like to request a refund, this must also be stated at collection, The cake will stay with me, and monies will be returned to you minus the non refundable deposit paid which is used to cover the cost of supplies/ingredients.


Social distancing rules are applied to on collection, the cake will be placed on a table then I’ll move away while you take the cake. The table is always freshly sanitised right before collection. Change of plan due to COVID? I will never cancel a cake because of lockdown or a change in rules, unless I show any symptoms myself. Should this happen I will let anyone with bookings know at the first sign and options will be discussed from there and refunds will be offered. 

Should you need to cancel, I’m happy to move the deposit to another date in the future at no extra cost  however deposits paid are still non refundable in this instance.

It goes without saying if you feel at all unwell yourself, please do not turn up to collect your cake and get in touch as soon as possible.